We’re all in this together – just slightly further apart

Keeping us all healthy & safe is priority. The SLCC recognizes we all feel differently about the new norm. To make sure everyone feels safe when visiting our centre, we’re here to tell you what our health & safety precautions entail, so you know what to expect when you visit.

Masks are mandatory for staff and guests of all ages who visit the SLCC. Children still in strollers do not have to wear masks.

Hours of Operation

Thursday to Sunday, 10am to 5pm

The first hour of each day (10am – 11am) will be reserved for vulnerable people to visit our Cultural Centre.

While indoor guided tours have been cancelled until further notice, Cultural Ambassadors will lead guided forest walks Thursday to Sunday at 11am and 3pm. Guided Forest Walks will be included in Museum Admission.

Physical Distancing

At 30,000 square feet, the SLCC is an indoor attraction that accommodates physical distancing with ease. Inside the building, guests will discover towering cedar Welcome Figures, striking art installations and artifacts, a spacious gift shop experience, and goods from the Thunderbird Café that can be enjoyed in the Istken Hall, now set up for diners to take in the mountain views. Outside the SLCC, guests can explore the Salish Stroll, a crushed gravel path meandering our five acres of forest.

We recognize that there are many levels of comfort as our communities reopen. Museum visitor numbers will be limited, and we are reserving 10am to 11:00am daily for elders and vulnerable people to visit.

Our desks at Admissions, Gift Shop and Café are now protected by dividers to follow physical distancing guidelines. Please follow the posted information when you visit and respect the physical distancing measures in place.

Please look for signs and direction on new visitor pathways through the museum. These new pathways will allow for physical distancing and flow through the galleries. Please follow the directions of staff and respect the spaces of other visitors in the venue.

Signs will be placed throughout the venue to remind visitors to physically distance.

Markers will be placed on the ground to show 2-metre (6 feet) spacing at each queue.

Signs indicating the physical distancing capacity of galleries, the theatre, Gift Shop and Café will be clearly marked.

The Gift Shop and Thunderbird Café are following all safety measures and precautions outlined and regulated by WorkSafeBC.

SLCC washrooms and high-touch points will be cleaned thoroughly throughout the day.


We’re looking at new ways to provide interactive experiences. Interactive exhibits which require touch are in the process of being modified. Check back soon for updates.

Face Masks

Wearing a cloth mask is a matter of personal choice and museum staff have been given the option. Wearing a mask can help in containing your own droplets and protect others but it will not protect you from COVID-19.  Any mask, no matter how efficient at filtration or how good the seal, will have minimal effect if it is not used together with other preventive measures, such as frequent hand washing and physical distancing.

Please treat people wearing masks with respect.

Parking Lot

Open for visitors and gift shop customers.

If you are not able to maintain a 2-metre distance from others when exiting your vehicle, wait inside your vehicle until it is clear to get out.

Register your car at the Admissions Desk.

For information on how Whistler as a resort is responding to COVID-19, please visit