Keeping us all healthy & safe is priority during the COVID-19 pandemic. The SLCC recognizes we all feel differently about the new norm. To make sure everyone feels safe when visiting our centre, we’ve developed health & safety precautions to protect guests and staff at the SLCC.

  • Organized events over 50 people at the SLCC require a vaccine passport. All guests; 12 years and older will have their COVID vaccine passports and ID checked on arrival.
  • Face masks, for guests 5 years and older are mandatory and should be worn throughout your time at the SLCC, unless sat down eating or drinking.
  • There is hand sanitizer and hand washing facilities available to guests.
  • During private events and our signature Winter Feast, stand up mingling can take place amongst fellow guests however masks have to be worn.
  • You can choose to have cocktails standing up, but Provincial orders dictate that masks must be worm between sips and bites.
  • Masks may be off when sitting down at the café, or when seated at events where food and drink is served.
  • Dancing during indoor events continues to be not allowed.

We will continue to update this information as the Provincial Health Orders and Protocols change. Many Thanks for your corporation during your event at the SLCC.