Enhance your group experience by adding a cultural component to your special event.  Our experienced Cultural Performance Team will dazzle your senses with colourful regalia and expressive movement through traditional song and dance.  Select from a variety of performance options that provide a glimpse into the unique cultures of the Squamish and Lil’wat peoples.  These programs are ideal for enhancing holiday and community events as well as educational presentations, both in house and off-site.

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Delegation Welcome Speech to Our Traditional Territory with Song

Our Cultural Ambassador Leader will commence your special event by welcoming your delegation to the traditional territories of the Squamish and Lil’wat Nations.  Complete with a traditional language introduction and interpretation, then a brief overview of the territory in which Whistler is situated, and finished with a powerful drum song that caps of the presentation in an authentic and meaningful way.  This program is perfect to welcome your corporate conference or community event, or kick off your festival!

Welcome and Guiding Precession from Partnering Hotels to the Cultural Centre

Experience a cultural journey from your accommodations to the front doors of our Cultural Centre!  Our Cultural Performance Team will meet your delegation in the hotel lobby prior to your event and guide them over to the Cultural Centre on a magical journey of traditional song and dance.  Your guests will enjoy a brief welcome to the traditional territories of the Squamish and Lil’wat Nations, followed by a drum and song precession in full regalia. Once on site, our Cultural Performance Team will continue the entertainment by providing cultural songs while your guests are entering the facility and beginning their festivities.

Welcome Performance

Welcome your guests arrival with an impactful singing and drumming ensemble from our Cultural Performance Team!  This experience is complete with traditional songs from the Squamish and Lil’wat Nations and is performed in full regalia.  A delightful way to introduce your delegation to the rich cultural heritage of the First People of the Sea to Sky Valley through expressive performance.

Sea to Sky Animals Performance

Our Cultural Performance Team will take your group on a magical journey through the sea to sky valley with a vibrant 15 minute performance, where you will be introduced to five animals that are commonly found in the traditional territory of the Squamish and Lil’wat Nation.  The journey begins at the sea, where we meet Orca, a symbol of luck and goodness!  Then we travel through the land as we discover some powerful creatures such as Bear and Wolf, lastly we look to the sky as Eagle is introduced, a majestic symbol of vision.  Traditional songs and dance tied together through narration, colourful regalia and props, this performance conveys the significance and connection that the First Peoples have with the land and animals which inhabit our region.

Feast Blessing

Have our Cultural Ambassadors provide a food blessing for your event complete with a feast song, customary of the Squamish & Lil’wat Nations.  A wonderful and meaningful way to commence meal service by offering a prayer to the creator, who offers us the bounty of our lands and provides the sustenance that sustains all life.  A beautiful way to present your dining service in an authentic way. 

SLCC Summer Brochure


Click here to download our Summer 2017 brochure where you’ll discover our Sea to Sky highway cultural Journey map.

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Thunderbird Café

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