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The SLCC is a space of sharing and learning, and our team takes pride in welcoming guests from all over the world to connect with our Squamish and Lil’wat Ambassadors.  Even if you can’t visit us in-person, our hearts remain open and eager to continue to share our cultures with you. The following online resources share our two distinct cultures through audio, video, and hands-on activities. All can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.

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TEDX Whistler at the SLCC

The SLCC was proud to host TEDx Whistler on Sunday, May 7, 2023 in the Great Hall. SLCC Cultural Ambassadors welcomed speakers, organizers and guests, and the Spo7ez Performance team shared songs from both Nations under the backdrop of the SLCC’s beautiful Great Hall.  This year’s speakers included the SLCC’s ambassador and cultural leader of the Spo7ez Performance Team, T’ec Georgina Dan from the Lil’wat Nation, and Territorial Stewardship Manager for the Lil’wat Nation, Lhpatq Maxine Bruce, and the SLCC’s Executive Director and 2017 Whistler Citizen of the Year, Heather Paul. The speakers explore the theme of “purpose”, with ideas worth sharing about living a life of value and being who we’re meant to be. We raise our hand in thanks to TEDxWhistler volunteers and organizers for their partnership and good hearts.

How Being One With the Land Can Bring Us Together – Lhpatq Maxine Bruce, Líl̓wat7úl

I Am an Ancestor – T’ec Georgina Dan, Líl̓wat7úl

I Am an “Ally” and I am Part of the Problem – Heather Paul

The Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre was host to TEDxWhistler’s 2021 virtual event. Ambassadors sang their songs and welcomed speakers and organizers, in the SLCC’s beautiful Great Hall. The board of directors and staff were proud to witness two of our leaders speak at this year’s event. A perfect companion to your day: the words and stories of Chepximiya Siyam Chief Janice George and Kúkwpi7 (Chief) Gélpcal.
We raise our hand in thanks to TEDxWhistler volunteers and organizers for their partnership and good hearts.

So Many Questions, So Few Answers – Kúkwpi7 (Chief) Gélpcal, Lílw̓at

The Spirit Moves Like a Storm – Chepximiya Siyam’ Chief Janice George

Breaking Bannock – Casual Conversations with Nation Influencers

A series of virtual conversations from 2021, with Squamish Nation and Lil’wat Nation influencers. Breaking Bannock covered a range of topics including community support, artistic inspiration, and storytelling. These remote conversations were loosely led by a different host each week, allowing a more organic flow for the range of speakers.

Breaking Bannock with Cory Douglas

Breaking Bannock with Tanina Williams

A casual conversation with Lil’wat Nation’s Tanina Williams, who shares two traditional stories from Lil’wat and explores the concept of storytelling afterwards.

Rewatch Discussion

Breaking Bannock with Kwitelut I Kwelaw’ikw Carla George

Join us for a casual conversation with Kwitelut I Kwelaw’ikw Carla George, Squamish Nation, as she shares how she has supported community during COVID-19 with Cheximiya Allison Burns Joseph.

Rewatch Discussion

Breaking Bannock with Levi Nelson

Join us for a casual conversation with Levi Nelson, Lil’wat Nation.

Recording coming soon

Breaking Bannock in Partnership with Whistler Public Library

Craft Demonstrations

Learn craft activities lead virtually by Cheximiya Allison Burns Joseph, Squamish Nation.

Woven Wool Headband & Paper Weave

Wool weavings were traditionally worn to protect the heart and the head. Follow along as Cheximiya Allison Burns Joseph leads a simple wool weave.

For those who do not have wool, Cheximiya also provides instruction on a simply paper weave.

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Lesson Video

Dream Catchers

Follow along as Cheximiya Allison Burns Joseph leads how to make a dreamcatcher.

List of Materials

Lesson Video

Cedar Rope

Up until recently, cedar rope making was a highlight of our hourly guided tour. While we moved away from this activity in an effort to preserve cedar harvesting, we understand some viewers do still have sustainable sources of cedar and wish to learn this technique.

List of Materials

Lesson Video

Wool Woven Pouch


List of Materials

Lesson Video

Woven Hearts

This craft activity can be hung or taped in your window, to join the global movement of putting art in our windows!

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Lesson Video

Medicine Bag

Traditionally, medicine bags were used to hold medicinal herbs or treasures that provided protection for the wearer. Make your own medicine back to carry tobacco, sage, sweet grass or other items deemed special or spiritual, such as crystals or small carvings.

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Cedar Roses

During down time, SLCC Ambassadors like to keep their hands busy creating with cedar pieces – and making roses quickly ‘rose’ to the top of the list as a team favourite.

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Cedar Roses

To accompany the previous week’s cedar roses, Cheximiya leads you in creating a cedar (or wool) vase to put them in.

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Lesson Video

Loom Beading - Bracelet

Loom Beading – learn how to make a bracelet.

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Lesson Video

Past Exhibit – Where Are The Children?

Exhibit Where Are The Children

In 2016 we hosted the travelling exhibit Where Are The Children?, spanning over 130 years of the Residential School system depicted through photographs and documents from the 1880s to present day. Through documentation, acknowledgment and education, the goal of the exhibition is also to assist in promoting understanding and reconciliation in Canada about residential schools.

Cultural Journey – an Audio Adventure

Photo of Kiosk Tantalus Crop Retouch

Created to listen to during the drive from Vancouver to Whistler and back, twenty-four audio tracks can be downloaded and listened to at home, too. Cultural Journey is a mix of story telling, cultural knowledge sharing, and songs from both our nations.

The Earth Bled: A Spo7ez Story

The Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure partnered with the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre to have their Youth Ambassador Program produce a short video which was created in collaboration with the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre and the Squamish Nation. This project is a component of the Cultural Journey Phase II which is supported in part by Western Economic Diversification Canada.

Spo7ez – The Legend of the Serpent on Stawamus Chief

Join the SLCC’s Indigenous Youth Ambassador (IYA) Program participants as they tell the story of The Legend of the Serpent on Stawamus Chief using Stop Motion Animation.

Colouring Pages

Download colouring pages designed by ‘Splash’ Aaron Nelson Moody from Squamish Nation:

Other Resources

Other Craft Activities

Download paper headbands, a salmon drawing with customizable Coast Salish designs, and other colouring pages made in-house:


Salmon Drawing


A7xwil Travis Billy

Sutikem Bikadi

Xaays Transformation Face

Giant Spindle Whorl (Squamish)

Xwalacktun’s Owl

Ucwalmícwts Language Lessons

During the COVID-19 Pandemic the Lil’wat Cultural Centre is posting daily Ucwalmícwts lessons on FirstVoices.com

Explore their daily posts in the ‘Phrases’ section.

Skwxwu7mesh Snichim Lesson

Squamish Nation Council Member and SLCC Board Member Khelsilem leads a language lesson on pronouns and verbs: watch.

Indigenous Canada - Free Online Course by the University of Alberta

A digital, interactive map showing territories, languages, and treaties geographically.


Native Land Disclaimer:

This map does not represent or intend to represent official or legal boundaries of any Indigenous nations. To learn about definitive boundaries, contact the nations in question.

Also, this map is not perfect — it is a work in progress with tons of contributions from the community. Please send us fixes if you find errors.

If you would like to read more about the ideas behind Native Land or where we are going, check out the blog. You can also see the roadmap.


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