Summer Regalia Series

The Summer Regalia Series

Until the end of August, SLCC Ambassador Sutikem Bikadi, Lil’wat Nation, will work on an activated exhibit in our Great Hall: the Summer Regalia Series. Building on the six pieces created in summer 2017 as part of the Spo7ez Workhouse exhibit, Sutikem will continue the creative process of adding adornments and details that share the distinct cultures of Sk̲wx̲wú7mesh and L̓il̓wat7úl. Like all aspects at the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre in Whistler, the Summer Regalia Series is an extension of the union of our two Nations. Sutikem is taking characteristics from both Nation’s traditional clothing and blending them together. She wants to ensure that the pieces represent the highest form of wear (which is the meaning of regalia), presenting to SLCC visitors who the Sk̲wx̲wú7mesh Úxumixw and L̓il̓wat7úl are through clothing.

The Summer Regalia Series has been made possible through funding from the Resort Municipality of Whistler.

***About Sutikem Bikadi***

Growing up, Sutikem thought and dreamt about creating traditional regalia, but didn’t realize she wanted to be a designer until a year after high school. She believes her skills were derived from both of her parents, as she grew up learning how to design alongside her parents so she would enjoy wearing what was made. Her thinking process comes from her mother, who always had a sewing machine available to her since she was a young child. Sutikem always had the most fun creating things by using her clothes and tweaking the pattern to fit her better. She has always loved her father’s art and thinks that’s where her sketching skills came from. Sutikem has said “we’re built from our parents,” which she sees in herself, as she grew up in a very culturally oriented way.


Mixalhítsa7 Alison Pascal

Special Thanks

Kimberley Stanger, and the Resort Municipality of Whistler


On display now through to the end of September 2020

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