Keeping Busy During COVID-19

Two weeks ago, social distancing (now ‘physical distancing’, because we need to socially support one another by phone, FaceTime, and other social platforms) wasn’t a term many (if any) of us were familiar with, and now our close-knit SLCC Family is coping with the reality that it is lasting longer than any of us anticipated. To share with you what’s keeping us all busy (and for the most part, sane!), we’ve compiled a list of past times practiced by our Ambassadors, and some tips and tricks we have learnt over the past few days:

Manager of Retail, K̓éta7ul Roxanne Dick & Supervisor of Retail, Victoria Saddleman, got busy doing yard work in the sunshine. Their dogs played while the humans cleaned and fixed a broken fence.

Manager of the Indigenous Youth Ambassador Program, Cheximiya Alliison Burns Joseph, went for a walk around the Lonsdale Quay and documented the blend of nature and urban beauty. Inside, she continues to practice her cultural medicine: weaving.

Supervisor of the Cultural Department, A7xwil Travis Billy was joined by Indigenous Youth Ambassador Barrett Martin for some drumming, rattling and singing at Cap Field in the sun.

Accounting Coordinator Rilla Sampson had a family marshmallow roast.

Curator Mixalhítsa7 Alison Pascal and her family are going on walks everyday to explore their territory (Lil’wat).

Kitchen Manager Thea Sam travels to and from Lil’wat frequently to attend basketball and soccer games with her sons, as well as visit family in the Lower Mainland; she often stops for walks along waterfronts.

Driver and Cultural Ambassador David Baker maintains his sense of humour through sharing jokes with the team.

Manager of Conference Services Emma Mostrom-Mombelli is out biking in Pemberton.

Manager of Banquets & Events Lucinda Sutherland is cross country skiing in the Callaghan Valley (it has since closed).

Manager of Marketing & Communications Mandy Rousseau went ice skating on Whistler’s Alta Lake.

… we all are keeping ourselves busy in the sun, and with loved ones, while we keep clean hands, clear heads, and open hearts (thank you Calgary Mayor Nenshi for this beautiful phrase!) Scroll down for images of our team out and about, including a beautiful drumming video made by our team the last day we were all in house.

In terms of tips, here’s some rules of thumb we have found supportive:

Practice your culture: be it drumming, singing, carving, weaving, or otherwise, stay connected to what enriches your day. This will fill you with joy.

Make the most of these sunny days: go for a walk, bike ride, run, or drumming circle in the warm, spring sunshine. Positive effects of the sun include warmth, light, vitamin D3 synthesis in the body, mood enhancement and pathogen killing!

Rest: society has us moving at a fast pace, and research shows a direct link between stress and health conditions such as headaches, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and other types of infections acquired as a result of a weaker immune system (source: Benefits Canada).

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