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Changes of the Season and a Time for Thanks

The leaves of the trees, in the forests of Whistler are slowly changing. The colors remind of a soft flame. The wind that used to relieve us of the heat of the sun is now gently reminding us of the season’s change.

This weekend most of Whistler celebrated the holiday known as “Thanksgiving” a time for families to get together to feast and celebrate what they are thankful for.

At the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre we celebrate Thanks every day. We start our day with 2 songs, one from each nation. Traditional songs have a spiritual connection with our culture and are often given to us by dreams or created to commemorate events/celebrations. By singing our songs we give thanks to our ancestors to help pass this precious gift throughout the generations.

Feasting is a unique part of the Squamish and Lil’wat Nations. To feast with those around you is also to love. It’s more than the food; to feast is to celebrate with those you love and to connect with those that you might not always get to see.

This is my challenge to you; I want you to celebrate thanks every day. Celebrate that you made it to work on time, celebrate that you have family and friends to be with. Celebrate, because the time is now and it’s always great time to be thankful.

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