Cultural Journey: The Self-Guided Cultural Journey Through The Squamish And Lil’wat First Nations

The Sea-to-Sky Corridor is a route stretching north from Vancouver through Whistler, renowned worldwide for its breathtaking ocean views and magnificent mountain ranges. The corridor is much more than spectacular scenery — it is also a Cultural Journey and there are kiosks that tell a story.

Driving northbound from Vancouver, stop at kiosks 1 to 5 on your way up to Whistler — they are all on the east side of the highway.

Driving Southbound from Whistler back to Vancouver, stop at kiosks 6 and 7, which are both on the west side of the highway.

Photo of Kiosk #1 at Horseshoe Bay

Kiosk #1 at Horseshoe Bay

Enjoy Viewpoint signage on both sides of the highway at easily accessible pullouts. Along the way you can also enjoy the spectacular scenic features marked on the map (view the map here).  Before your drive, you can also download the audio for the Cultural Journey and listen to while you drive.

Every inch of the highway route is rich in mystery with First Nations oral history, supernatural beings and place names. Learn how mighty Thunderbird, giant two-headed serpents and other mythical beings have shaped our land. Enjoy your journey along this modern path culminating at our crown jewel in Whistler, British Columbia — the Squamish Líl’wat Cultural Centre.

Witness through our eyes, the place where we have thrived and existed since time immemorial.

To learn more visit slcc.ca/experience/cultural-journey/


Many of the story boards and archival photographs used on the kiosk sign boards are published in a book called Where Rivers, Mountains and People Meet and this book can be purchased in the SLCC Giftshop & Gallery or online here. 

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