First Nation Designed Medals for the Great Outdoor Festival

Whistler’s First Great Outdoors Festival is taking place this weekend and we were honoured with the opportunity to help source the medals for the many events taking place!

The GO Festival Awards 2014 were designed in collaboration with the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre and Squamish Nation artist Tawx’sin Yexwulla which translates as “Splashing Eagle” or Aaron Nelson Moody, his English name.

Aaron utilized the Frog symbol as inspiration for the awards as the Frog is a symbol of springtime activities and renewal. In Pacific Northwest Coast First Nations culture, the frog is known as a creature of both land and water, represents the time of year when snow melts and flows into the rivers and lakes. The frog embodies the essence of the GO Festival by encompassing the diverse natural elements that are involved in the Festival’s competitions.

A Frog is said to hold magic and good fortune and Frog’s songs are believed to contain divine power and magic. Frog is a messenger and communicator between species, often representing the common ground or voice of the people. He is valued for his adaptability because he freely travels between and survives in two worlds of land and water, inhabiting both natural and supernatural realms. Frog holds knowledge and power and is known as a positive spirit driver.

For full details on the many events taking place this weekend visit: Great Outdoors Festival

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