March Workshops with Allison Burns-Joseph of Squamish Nation


Learn the traditional techniques of Salish Wool Weaving! Wool Weaving is an integral part of the rich cultural history of the Coastal Nations and historically involved gathering, spinning and weaving mountain goat wool. Blankets and headbands are worn for protection of both natural and spiritual elements.

Choose from Saturday, March 18th or 25th
9:30am – 12:00pm
Age 8+
Cost: $20 + tax


Make a beautiful traditional Salish hand drum using deer hide and a cedar frame. The drum is not just a music maker, but a voice for the soul within the music. The drum is more than a musical instrument to those who own and play it, as it is considered to have a life of its own and is regarded as having its own powerful spirit

* Please note that the drum requires a day to dry before painting

Choose from Saturday, March 18th or 25th
1:00pm – 4:30pm 3.5 hours
Age 8+
Cost: $98 – $198 + tax

Book your spot today! Email helen.mitchell@slcc.ca or call 6049640997 to register

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