Siy’ám’ Smánit – The Stawamus Chief

During mythological times Siy’ám’ Smánit (The Stawamus Chief, in Squamish BC) was a longhouse.

A Tl’a7áshen-Feast was held inside with all of the animal people as guests. Xaays-Transformer Brothers immortalized this event by turning both the guests and the longhouse into stone.

The longhouse is still visible today. The spirits of the guests remain trapped inside. The Squamish People are careful never to point at Siy’ám’ Smánit, pointing shows disrespect and brings the rain and storms.

From its three summits, stunning panoramic views of Howe Sound and the surrounding Coastal Mountains can be seen. The Stawamus Chief Provincial Park is located just 2 kilometers south of Squamish alongside the Sea to Sky Highway. Photo Credit: Tourism Squamish


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