We celebrate

SLCC 2018 National Indigenous Day

We’ve been working on new regalia this past year and are really excited to show off our progress! The pieces still require finishing touches, however, still beautiful and you can see the craftsmanship in the garments.

The Sea to Sky Performance is a tribute to our Corridor; our people, our land and the animals we share it with. We present traditional song, dance, and regalia in a vibrant 20 minute performance. Our cultural journey begins at the coast in Sk̲wx̲wú7mesh territory and travel north east into Lil̓wat7ul territory. Along the way we meet some of our animal people and learn more about our relationship with them.

We celebrate with our families to honor those who came before us and those that come after us. June 21 is National Indigenous Day; it’s a day to celebrate our similarities and our differences as Indigenous People of Canada. We look forward to sharing a little bit of Sk̲wx̲wú7mesh and Lil̓wat7ul culture with our guests. We represent 2 out of 617 Indigenous communities in Canada.

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